“3rd Man” comment on GLN

Russel Arnold NANGI ge wada…
1. When the Sudda comenteotor told about the “poya day” his comment was ” ha ha ha on poya day you have to behave yourself. you go to the stadium and watch the match calmly”. But later Ian Chappel corrected this stupid comment. All know that there is no restrictions on once behavior when watching a match on poya day. This statement sort of saying “Buddhism is rule driven”

2. When sudda ask ..”Poya day is a holy day rt? ” his response was…” hek hek yes we have lot of holidays in Sri lanka…you name something , that is a holiday for us..hek hek.” sudda did not smile.

3.when Nassar Hussain said” SL spectators are wonderful and different than those who you see in India and Bangladesh..they get tense ..if things going wrong for India they wait Sachin to do something…in Sri lanka , Spectators are open and enjoy themselves and understand cricket..” When sudda told this our man could score for country. but wt he told was..” ok ..lets go back to what we discussed before that”..

4. Sudda was telling ” Sri lankan MET department says..thundershowers……what do u hve to say abt it Russel?”
Russel nangi’s Respose—“Hek Hek…dont trust them”

5. On opening day performance ( Its sucks all rt) , when Sanjey Manjeykar ask russel to describe the performance he could not explain wt was going on – then Sanjey himself describe the scean in the way he could.

There could be truth in what he says..bt even when sudda is prasing our good attitude , he has no sense to give some marks to the country. He tries to be another sudda . Ape rate aula pi hada ganda oni—muuu gihin ewa loketa kiyanda on inane.

Link to the comment thread – http://bit.ly/h4pmC0

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